They key to our success is in our ability to recognize and unlock value in under-performing assets and then translate that value into real-world dollars for our clients. Our experience and relationships provide us with access to a range of unique investment opportunities. Our expertise allows us to properly vet these opportunities and carefully select those with the highest potential for growth and success.


The GRIT team of advisors will then work with you to determine the right strategic investments for your short- and long-term goals. Our current portfolio of investment opportunities falls under these main GRIT business silos:


Praesidium Capital Management

Praesidium Capital Management manages a diversified fund of life insurance policies with the objective of obtaining attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns with a low correlation to other assets and investment types. PCM utilizes a proprietary methodology to target consistent returns based on actuarial predictability.

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DREAM Capital Management

DREAM, our Distressed Real Estate and Mortgage Fund, capitalizes on distressed real estate opportunities and produces attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in a variety of assets nationwide. Through DREAM we purchase non-performing real estate loans, tax lien certificates, judgments, and other liens of record that are secured by owner and non-owner occupied single-family residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.


Crowne Pointe Capital Partners

Investments under our Crowne Pointe Capital Partners focus on a mix of real estate and small- to mid-size business financing. Through Crowne Pointe, selective business loans are secured by first or second mortgages on real estate, pledges of equity interests in companies owning real estate, or liens on other collateral including but not limited to equipment, accounts receivable, and inventory.